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Tourism and offshore financial services are an essential part of the Cayman Islands’ thriving economy. Here, we enjoy both the premier advantages of being at the world’s financial center and the benefit of strict regulatory controls on financial institutions.

Our Quintessence.

Holdun Trust Limited is an independent, client-focused trust company that provides trustee services for Cayman Islands’ trusts. Holdun Trust also provides managed company services and registered office services for Cayman Islands’ companies. Holdun Trust is based on the premise that the client is at the forefront of our business and only by knowing our clients can we properly serve them to the pinnacle of their needs.

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While your needs as the client may require you to adapt and evolve, we remain steadfast. Holdun Trust’s modern and personalized workstyle is designed to respect your privacy and intentions.

We strive to make sure you feel reassured when you entrust us with your affairs and strongly believe in maintaining a close relationship with you, so our expert team will work to best aid you.

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Modern Personalized Services

Holdun Trust is proud of being independently owned. This aspect of our business allows us to focus on the client’s best interests. In contrast to other bank owned trust companies, we have no external ties to any other country than the Cayman Islands— meaning regulated, reliable service to best suit your needs.

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