Frequently Asked Questions

In need of clarification? Take a look at our frequently asked questions. We may have the answers for you.

How Do I Choose a Trustee?

We believe that a trustee that understands its client is paramount to the success of a working relationship. Holdun Trust ensures that it has a full understanding of your personal situation, allowing us to act efficiently when tasked with making decisions. Holdun Trust believes in creating lasting working relationships, which will cover your lifetime and your children’s.

Why choose an Independent Trust Company?

We believe that large financial institutions as trustees can be overly bureaucratic and complicated. Holdun Trust believes that all signs point that to the rise of the independent trust company, where trust and fiduciary experts can be more comfortable with their expertise to make complex decisions using extensive knowledge and knowing each client’s diverse situations. We can make hard decisions confidently negating the need for the decision to go through multiple layers of internal personnel.

How Do We Set Up a Trust?

We do not believe in “template trust deeds”. Your trust will be as unique as your personal situation.

Holdun Trust has an extensive network and the resources to introduce prospective clients to an extensive network and expert lawyers who are specialized in trust drafting. We can also easily adapt to the client’s existing legal team as we strive to create a bridge between your advisors and ourselves.

We will ensure that all legal formalities are completed and then continue growing the working relationship by monitoring changing circumstances and legal environments.

How Much Time Will It Take to Set This Up?

We can work at your pace whether you want to take your time or want to get set up quickly. We will let you know what documents you need and will keep up with you and your advisors, and if necessary, lead the process.

What Are the Fee Arrangements?

We recognize that every situation is different, therefore our fees are personalized according to the complexity of the structure, the ongoing administrative requirements and the value of the underlying assets. Fees are charged on an annual basis in January for that respective calendar year. No matter the complexity of the situation, fees will be clearly addressed in a fee agreement that both parties will sign, so there is full transparency and no hidden surprises.