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Fostering cooperative collaboration and security through close working relationships.

The Holdun Trust (Cayman) Limited team is determined to create custom experiences with a particular emphasis on the relationship between trustees and clients. Our modern workstyle is perfectly honed to best accommodate our clients, for all situations and personalities.

Acting as trustee of Cayman Islands” trusts

Reserved Powers Trusts, STAR Trusts and Discretionary Trusts

Whether you wish to hold specific powers or want your trust to be fully discretionary, our team will work to cater to your needs.

Corporate Director Services

We offer corporate director services to Cayman Island companies.

Registered Office And Corporate Services For Cayman Registered Entities

Holdun Trust can also act as Registered Office, for Cayman entities.

Eminent Expertise

Personalized Service

A client at the forefront means a flexible working relationship. We promise prompt responses to client communication and quick decision-making, and regular conversations to always keep you updated.

Experienced Professionals

Our trust professionals are hand-picked for their specific and individual expertise, as well as for their years of experience in the world of offshore trusts, particularly in the Cayman Islands. We will continue to source the best trust professionals to complement existing members of our team based on what clients need. This includes sourcing staff with particular language capabilities or characters to suit working with new and existing clients.

Truly Independent

Holdun Trust is privately owned by individuals, there are no external ties or links to any other country other than the Cayman Islands where Holdun Trust is a regulated entity. Contrast this to some other bank owned trust companies who have head offices or strong reporting links to countries such as Canada and US.

Collaboration At Its Best

Here at Holdun Trust, we strive to work hand-in-hand with you, your family and your advisory team. We believe that open in collaboration is the best way to create longlasting working relationships.

We are here to create the bridges that allow for the smooth functioning of your trust.

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